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Speaking Engagements

Your Health Matters



If you’re an employer looking for ways to encourage a healthy work environment, consider the power of professional nutrition-focused seminars.

Dawn Hart has been speaking professionally for 20 years. She has presented hundreds of corporate wellness retreats and lunch and learns, makes regular media appearances, and researches current trends in nutrition. Through all of this, Dawn has honed her message to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant information possible.  Dawn is passionate about speaking to groups large or small about the importance of proper nutrition, maintaining good health and increasing awareness of the growing mind/body connection in overall wellness.

Her easy to understand wellness messages are an ideal compliment to corporate health and wellness initiatives. These engaging seminars provide participants with practical information they can use immediately, as well as informative handouts and on-line support.

Customize a speaking series and:

• Become clear about healthy eating that can work for real work/life balance.
• Learn ways to succeed outside your (food? nutrition? what?) comfort zone – free from deprivation.
• Gain a refreshing viewpoint on do-able fitness, nutrition, and wellness habits.

Contact Dawn for a list of her menu offerings.

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